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Institute of Infectology (IMED)

carp-Vacc - Development of a safe and non-persisting carp vaccine toolbox


Duration: 01.08.2022 - 31.07.2025

Funding: BMEL

Grant number: 28N206100


The aim of the project is to further advance the vaccination against koi herpesvirus disease (KHVD) and to promote KHV as vaccine toolbox for carp. Therefore, an already existing vaccine shall be used and improved. One drawback of herpesviruses is their live-long persistence, which needs to be circumvented be the deletion of genes essential for viral replication. To do so one can interfere with terminase complex or by using so called amplicons. Since viral terminases are responsible for cutting the viral DNA into genome length and for encapsidation, hinderance of this will terminate replication. Further, amplicons are able to produce an artificial viral genome and to deliver it for encapsidation, however they miss all essential genes to build the virion. Thus, amplicons are not replicative in animals. Both strategies will reduce losses in aquaculture or disappear even completely. Moreover, one could use amplicons to combat against other carp diseases like SVCV (spring viremia of carp) or CEV (carp edema virus). By using immunogenic proteins / genes of pathogens in an amplicon, one can vaccinate against the respective pathogens. In the case of carp, a trivalent vaccine would be desirable. Eventually, this method could be transferred to salmon, trout od even sturgeon.

Project Manager

Dr. Sandro Klafack