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Working group Field studies

The Field Studies Working Group initiates networking and collaborations for field and other studies with a direct benefit for the national or regional control and eradication of various livestock pathogens. The Group is open for collaborations globally with special interest in Africa, Asia and Europe. Collaboration partners include academic institutions, government ministries and agencies, multilateral organisations, non-government organisations (NGOs), international funding and disease control agencies. We focus on field investigations based on the specific needs of collaboration parties, which meet the strategic and scientific interest and expertise at the FLI. As an example, the research project may comprise studies on vaccines and vaccine efficacy, epidemiology and transmission, as well as laboratory tools for primary diagnostics or surveillance. The FLI offers excellent training capacities and knowledge exchange via workshops, meetings, conferences, scientific publications. Resources of the highly specialised scientific research groups, reference laboratories and experimental facilities enable studies on a wide range of notifiable viral diseases of domestic animals.