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Working group Laboratory support/ wildlife

The working group supports diagnostic and animal health capacities in resource-constrained countries. Wildlife should also be taken into account as part of the One Health concept.  

For the early detection of notifiable animal diseases, a solid and rapid laboratory diagnosis is crucial, which is not always the case in all countries. Therefore, we aim at training and further education within the framework of partnership-based cooperation on animal health diagnostics in third countries (especially Africa and Asia) either on-site or at the FLI. If necessary, assistance can also be provided for sample shipment, (mobile) diagnostics, outbreak investigations or in the event of shortage with reagents in partner countries. We closely cooperate with international organizations like FAO, OIE and others.

Wild animals are known reservoirs for precursor zoonotic pathogens or pathogens that can cause serious outbreaks in domestic animals. In the sense of a holistic One Health approach, international cooperation with regard to wildlife diagnostics will also be expanded. This also includes participation in global surveillance systems for wildlife diseases.