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Joint Action SHARP - Strengthened International Health Regulations and Preparedness in the EU


Duration: 04/2019 - 03/2023

Funding: EU Horizon Program

The Joint Action (JA) SHARP is a network project through which member and partner countries will be enabled to prevent, detect and respond to biological outbreaks, chemical contamination and environmental pollution jointly and across borders. Particular focus will be placed on filling gaps that have been or will be identified in priority countries. The project is being implemented jointly with 26 collaborating partners and 35 affiliated agencies from 30 countries and in close collaboration with ECDC and WHO.

Overall, the project consists of 10 work packages (WP): coordination, dissemination, evaluation, integration into national policies and sustainability, strengthening core capacities of International Health Regulations, preparedness and response planning, laboratory readiness, training, chemical threats, and case management and infection prevention and control.

FLI primarily participates in work packages (WP) 7 and 8. The goal of WP7 is to ensure sufficient, quality-assured microbiological laboratory diagnostics. In particular, the ability to detect pathogenic infectious agents of bacteria of risk group 3 (RG3)/viruses of risk group 4 (RG4) with quality assured methods and to reliably perform diagnostic tests shall be promoted. In WP8, the focus is on educational and on-site trainings as well as exchange of methods. The aim of WP8 is to provide training for personnel.

Further information can be found on the project page:

Involved INNT scientists:

Dr. Sandra Diederich
Prof. Dr. Martin H. Groschup

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