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Institute of Animal Welfare and Animal Husbandry (ITT)

The overall research objective of our institute is to improve farm animal welfare. We evaluate and refine husbandry, transport, stunning and slaughter procedures, while taking into account possible conflicts between economy, welfare and environmental issues. Our study aims range from fundamental to applied questions.


  • to advance animal friendly and sustainable housing systems for farm animals
  • to focus on behavioral demands and disorders of farm animals
  • to improve methods for the assessment of animal welfare
  • to investigate feasible improvements of transport, stunning, and culling

Working Areas

  • Fundamental knowledge on animal adaption processes:
    • What internal mechanisms are involved in stress reactions?
    • Which external factors are modifying the internal reactions?
  • Indicators and assessment concepts:
    • How can we measure how stressed an animal is?
    • How can husbandry systems be evaluated on farm?
  • Improvement of husbandry
    • What are the welfare relevant problems of farm animal husbandry?
    • How can these problems be reduced?
  • Transport, stunning, culling and slaughter:
    • What are the minimum requirements for good practice procedures?