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Biosafety and biosecurity principles of the FLI

Work of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute, Federal Research Institute for Animal Health (FLI), mainly focusses on the health and wellbeing of farm animals and on the protection of humans against infections transmitted by animals.
The fundamental objectives of research at the FLI are to provide protection against infectious diseases through reliable and rapid diagnostics, to develop preventive measures and to lay the foundations for modern control strategies for animal diseases and zoonoses.

These tasks of the FLI are defined in Art. 27 of the Animal Health Act, Art. 14 of the Animal Vaccination Ordinance and Art. 16, sec. 4 of the Genetic Engineering Act.

In the laboratories and animal facilities of the FLI, work with pathogenic and genetically modified organisms of risk categories 1 through 4 is carried out. In the frame of these activities, risks to human and animal health and for the environment can never be completely ruled out. The FLI takes all necessary precautions to protect humans, animals and the environment from possible negative effects. As an employer, the FLI assumes responsibility for the health and safety of its employees and takes all necessary measures and precautions.

For all FLI activities, the guiding principle of biosafety management is imperative compliance with the requirements specified in the Biorisk Policy. These ensure the required level of protection for employees and guests as well as for the surroundings and environment of the FLI  from risks arising from activities involving biological agents. This safety objective surpasses all scientific and official tasks of the FLI.

For Download

Biorisk Policy of the FLI, 4th version (PDF link to OpenAgrar)
DURC 101: Web Based Training (PDF link to OpenAgrar)


German Animal Health Act (Tiergesundheitsgesetz - TierGesG) (Weblink to Gesetze-im-Internet)

German Animal Vaccination Ordinance - Tierimpfstoff-Verordnung (Weblink to Gesetze-im-Internet)

German Genetic Engineering Act (GenTG) (Weblink to Gesetze-im-Internet)

Department of Experimental Animal Facilities and Biorisk Management (ATB) of the FLI