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Working group basic analytics

The working group for basic analytics is an important platform of the institute of animal nutrition, where more than 1500 samples per year, originating from feeding studies of the working groups of cattle, pig and poultry nutrition as well as of the working group dealing with the physiology of digestion in ruminants, were analysed.

Analysis samples include

  • single and mixed feed,
  • foods of animal origin (meat, milk, eggs),
  • slaughtering samples (meat, bones, offal et al.),
  • samples from metabolism studies (feed, excreta, urine) as well as
  • intestinal und ruminal samples from trials with fistulated cows.

The determination of the crude nutrient content (dry matter, ash, crude fat, crude protein, crude fiber) and further ingredients such as starch, carbohydrates and certain fiber fractions (acid and neutral detergent fiber, lignin, tannin) bases predominantly upon wet chemical analysis methods. For special analytical questions 2 gas chromatographic and 2 high performance liquid chromatographic systems as well as an optical emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-OES) are used. These analytical instruments are currently used for the

  • determination of the fatty acid pattern in feedstuffs and foods of animal origin,
  • determination of short chain fatty acids in rumen fluid,
  • investigation of non starch polysaccharides in feedstuffs,
  • determination of B-group vitamins in physiological matrices,
  • analysis of purines and purine derivatives in urine and milk,
  • major and minor element analysis in different matrices,
  • determination of chromium and cobalt as marker in trials with fistulated cows.