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Animal Disease Situation

African Swine Fever

Information on the current animal disease situation can be found in the respective latest issue of the monthly newsletter Radar Bulletin (in German language).

African Swine Fever (ASF) is a notifiable animal disease which affects domestic pigs and wild boar. In its African countries of origin the ASF virus is transmitted by soft ticks. These are negligible in Central Europe. Here, transmission occurs through direct contact with infected animals (secretions, blood, semen), ingestion of food waste, pork products or preparations and other indirect routes of transmission (vehicles, contaminated equipment including hunting gear, agricultural tools and machinery, clothing). Contact with blood is the most efficient route of transmission. After infection the animals develop very severe, but unspecific general symptoms. ASP is no zoonosis, i.e. a disease which can be transmitted from animals to humans, and therefore represents no danger for humans. 

More information on ASF can be found in the respective FLI information (download right column of this webpage).

Table: Outbreaks

A current table can be found on the German version of this webpage