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Institute of Molecular Pathogenesis (IMP)

Research area of Pathophysiology

1. Clinical physiology

Clinically applied research in farm animals on the pathogenesis of infections

  • Documentation of physiological baseline data and pathophysiological alterations in experimentally affected animals
  • Quantification of dysfunctions of different organ systems associated with bacterial and viral infections
  • Special research in the field of pulmonary function testing of large animals


Assessment of pulmonary (dys)functions, gas exchange and inflammatory mechanisms in the respiratory system of calves and pigs under consideration of the influence of inhalative noxae and respiratory infections


General clinical laboratory diagnostics

  • haematology
  • acid base status
  • electrolytes, metabolites

Special pulmonary function testing (in spontaneously breathing non-anesthetized animals)

  • blood gas analysis
  • specialised pulmonary function testing: spirometry, impulse oscillometry, CO transfer factor, FRC measurement, bronchial challenge tests
  • capnometry
  • breath analysis

Main current research topics

  • Chlamydia infections: Assessment of pathophysiological consequences and therapeutic options
  • Diagnosing pulmonary dysfunctions in large animal models
  • Biomarkers in exhaled breath

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2. Experimental animal husbandry

    • Breeding and husbandry of experimental animals (laboratory animals, farm animals, poultry)
    • Support of other workgroups in planning and design of animal experiments under consideration of the Animal Welfare Act and Animal Husbandry Regulation
    • Supporting other workgroups in performing animal experiments at the FLI Jena

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