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Licensing Authority

Licensing Authority

for in vitro diagnostics for detection of notifiable and reportable animal diseases

The Licensing Authority of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut is concerned in accordance with § 11 Tiergesundheitsgesetz (TierGesG / Animal Health Act) in connection with the Tierimpfstoff-Verordnung (Animal Vaccine Regulation), §§ 20 ff.,  with the marketing authorisation procedure of  veterinary in vitro diagnostics for the detection of notifiable and reportable animal diseases.

Marketing Authorisation Application


  • List of certified products by the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (FLI) pursuant to section 11 Animal Health Act:
    List of certified products
  • Publication of the marketing authorisation of in vitro diagnostics and of other official acts in accordance with § 31 of the Regulation on Animal Vaccines: 
    Publication of official acts 

(N.B.: No representation is made with regard to the correctness of the data. Only the original data published in the Federal Gazette are legally binding.)

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