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National Expert Group ‚Mosquitoes as Vectors of Disease Agents‘

The National Expert Group ‚Mosquitoes as Vectors of Disease Agents‘ was launched in 2016 by the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, German Federal Research Institute for Animal Health (FLI), the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) and the German Environment Agency (UBA) in view of the spread of invasive, vector-competent mosquito species in Germany and the increasingly frequent emergence of mosquito-borne diseases in southern Europe. It gives advice on the surveillance and control of mosquitoes as vectors of infectious agents and prepares pertinent action recommendations and documents. Moreover, enquiries from authorities are answered and information events for authorities and pest management companies organised and conducted.

The present work of the commission focuses on the management of the invasive Asian tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus and of the transmission of West Nile virus in Germany. The Asian tiger mosquito is a highly efficient vector of numerous pathogens of medical and veterinary relevance. The species originates from the Asian-Pacific region, has been spreading massively in South and parts of Central Europe since the 1990s and to date is also firmly established with some populations in Germany. West Nile virus was first detected in Germany in 2018 and is primarily vectored by native mosquito species. It is pathogenic to certain groups of birds, to horses and to humans in which the central nervous system can be severely affected in the course of infection.

The Expert Group consists of about 10 members who are active in the areas of vector biology, human and veterinary medicine, epidemiology and mosquito management in public and private organisations. Their appointment is made by the President of the FLI, on behalf of FLI, RKI and UBA, for a three-year period. The Group meets at least twice a year to review recent developments and documents to be prepared as well as to discuss and plan further tasks linked to the commission work. The office of the Expert Group is located at FLI, Greifswald, and is led by Dr. Helge Kampen (phone 038351-7-1245, email: helge.kampen@~@fli.de).

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