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WHO Collaborating Centre for
Rabies Surveillance and Research

The Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut (FLI) is designated as WHO Collaborating Centre for Rabies Surveillance and Research.

Collaborating Centres (CC) are designated throughout the world by WHO in different areas. The centres are national institutions, e. g. public authorities or research institutes that support WHO with expertise and staff in the implementation of their programmes and tasks. They advise WHO with specific scientific expertise in developing preventive policies and assisting public health programs at international level. There are at present 25 WHO Collaborating Centres in Germany involved in a broad range of health issues.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has assigned the following tasks to the WHO Collaborating Centre for Rabies Surveillance and Research:

  1. To conduct and coordinate research on rabies based upon recommendations of the WHO expert committees, scientific groups and other consultative meetings. Areas of research are oral vaccination of wildlife and dogs, epidemiological and laboratory diagnostics of rabies, and epidemiology of rabies in neozoa and European bats.
  2. To collect and analyze rabies surveillance data and to distribute the information to collaborating institutes. To further develop the European database for rabies (Rabies Information System of the WHO) as an interdisciplinary platform and information source of rabies surveillance and research in Europe and as a template for other regions.
  3. To contribute to the Global Health Observatory of the WHO (GHO) by providing expert knowledge and available rabies surveillance and related data or information.
  4. To provide support and expertise for surveillance and control measures of rabies.
  5. To provide training in the fields of epidemiology & laboratory diagnostics.
  6. To standardize techniques and reagents and distribute WHO reagents to other laboratories.
  7. To undertake consultative work for WHO and other laboratories upon request.


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