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Institute of Diagnostic Virology (IVD)

The Institute of Diagnostic Virology focuses on the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of virus diseases of farm animals which are of importance in veterinary medicine. Special emphasis is laid on notifiable animal diseases. Thus, the institute houses reference laboratories for

  • classical swine fever,
  • fowl plague,
  • Newcastle disease,
  • infections with bovine herpesvirus 1,
  • equine infectious anemia,
  • foot- and mouth-disease,
  • swine vesicular disease,
  • vesicular stomatitis and
  • African swine fever,

the reference laboratory for bovine viral diarrhea/mucosal disease as well as reference laboratories for exotic animal diseases such as orbivirus infections or rinderpest. 

The reference laboratories are accredited according to ISO / IEC 17025. In addition to mainly application-oriented research, they fulfil official tasks pursuant to national and European legislation. Furthermore, the laboratories for fowl plague, Newcastle disease, BHV-1 anf ovine Viral Diarrhea are designated WOAH reference laboratories.