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National Contact Point according to the EU regulations on Animal Welfare at the time of killing

The FLI scientifically supports the competent authorities on the implementation of Council Regulation (EC) No 1099/2009, article 20, regarding the protection of animals at the time of killing:

of 24 September 2009
on the protection of animals at the time of killing

Article 20
Scientific support

1. Each Member State shall ensure that sufficient independent scientific support is available to assist the competent authorities, upon their request, by providing:
(a) scientific and technical expertise relating to the approval of slaughterhouses as referred to in Article 14(2) and the development of new stunning methods; 
(b) scientific opinions on the instructions provided by manufacturers on the use and maintenance of restraining and stunning equipment; 
(c) scientific opinions on guides to good practice developed within its territory for the purposes of this Regulation; 
(d) recommendations for the purposes of this Regulation, in particular in relation to inspections and audits; 
(e) opinions on the capacity and suitability of separate bodies and entities to fulfil the requirements laid down in Article 21(2). 

2. Scientific support may be provided via a network, subject to all the tasks listed in paragraph 1 being performed with respect to all the relevant activities taking place in the Member States concerned.

For this purpose, each Member State shall identify a single contact point and make it publicly available via the Internet. Such contact point shall be responsible for sharing technical and scientific information and best practices regarding the implementation of this Regulation with its counterparts and the Commission.