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Institute Council of the FLI

According to the statutes of the FLI, the Institute Council is composed of the President, the Heads of the Institutes and elected scientific employees. The Head of Administration supports the Council as permanent, advisory member.


The Council gives recommendations to the President to support him in the fulfillment of his tasks. In this frame, the Council

  1. elaborates a draft research programme for the FLI based on the research plan of the BMELV under consideration of the FLI’s tasks and the input from the institutes,
  2. defines the requirements in personnel and material as contribution to the budget estimate and makes proposals for the distribution of the assigned funds to the institutes and the individual research activities,
  3. elaborates recommendations for the establishment, merging, expansion, liquidation and transfer of institutes and central services as well as for the assignment of work fields to institutes or central services,
  4. helps to elaborate task descriptions in the frame of appointment procedures,
  5. elaborates recommendations for a systematic quality assurance of the Federal Research Institute, participates in quality assurance measures and supports external evaluations,
  6. makes suggestions for the appointment of members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Federal Research Institute.

Council Members

Prof. Dr. Christa Kühn,
President of the FLI

  • Prof. Dr. Martin Beer,
    Head of the Institute of Diagnostic Virology
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Sven Dänicke,
    Head of the Institute of Animal Nutrition
  • Prof. Dr. Anca Dorhoi, 
    Head of the Institute of Immunology
  • Prof. Sascha Knauf, PhD habil.
    Acting Head of the Institute of International Animal Health/One Health
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Finke,
    Head of the Institute of Molecular Virology and Cell Biology
  • Prof. Dr. Martin H. Groschup,
    Head of the Institute of Novel and Emerging Diseases
  • Prof. Dr. Claudia Klein,
    Head of the Institute of Farm Animal Genetics
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Menge,
    Head of the Institute of Molecular Pathogenesis
  • Prof. Dr. Heinrich Neubauer,
    Head of the Institute of Bacterial Infections and Zoonoses
  • Prof. Dr. Carola Sauter-Louis, PhD
    Head of the Institute of Epidemiology
  • Prof. Dr. Lars Schrader,
    Head of the Institute of Animal Welfare and Animal Husbandry
    Prof. Dr. Cornelia Silaghi,
  • Head of the Institute of Infectology
  • Dr. Kati Franzke,
    Institute of Infectology
  • Dr. Conrad Freuling,
    Institute of Epidemiology
  • Dr. Dirk Höper,
    Institute of Diagnostic Virology
  • PD Dr. Michael Knittler,
    Institute of Immunology
  • Dr. Heike Köhler,
    Institute of Molecular Pathogenesis
  • Prof. Dr. Wilfried Kues,
    Institute of Farm Animal Genetics
  • Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Liebler-Tenorio,
    Institute of Molecular Pathogenesis
  • Dr. Ulrich Meyer,
    Institute of Animal Nutrition
  • Dietmar Nobis,
    Head of Administration
  • Prof. Dr. Jens Peter Teifke,
    Head of the Department of Experimental Animal Facilities and Biorisk Management