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The institutes, their location and tasks

Headquarters Isle of Riems

Institutes of

  • Epidemiology: epidemiology and risk assessment of infectious animal diseases
  • Immunology: immune mechanisms of infections and immunology of food-producing animals
  • Infectology: infections of aquatic organisms and insects, hematophagous arthropods as vectors
  • International Animal Health/One Health: scientific activities within the framework of international cooperation in the field of animal health and the One Health approach
  • Molecular Virology and Cell Biology: molecular characterization of animal pathogenic viruses, virus-host cell interactions
  • Novel and Emerging Infectious Diseases: diagnosis, molecular characterization and pathogenesis of zoonotic viruses and prions
  • Diagnostic Virology: diagnosis of important viral animal diseases, pathogen characterization including phylogenetic analyses and infection experiments

FLI Braunschweig

  • Institute of Animal Nutrition: Nutrient-associated influences on animal health, carry-over of feed ingredients into food products of animal origin, metabolism and nutritional requirements

FLI Celle

FLI Jena

Institutes of

FLI Mariensee