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Institute of Animal Nutrition (ITE)

Experimental Station Braunschweig (Brunswick)

The experimental station of the Institute of Animal Nutrition in Braunschweig is the basis for research projects in the field of nutrition physiology, animal feeding and evaluation of feedstuffs with special consideration of the various interactions between nutrition and the immune system. The studies with ruminants and pigs carried out at the experimental station provide the basis of the scientific work of the Institute.

The experimental station takes care of experiments with dairy cows and their calves, fistulated dairy cows and fattening bulls. In collaboration with the working group experimental facilities studies with pigs and sheep are performed. Additionally 180 hectares of arable land are used for the production of feedstuffs with special quality characteristics designated for the experiments with farm animals.

The results of the experiments conducted by the Institute of Animal Nutrition are the experimental basis for publications in international and national scientific journals. In addition, the scientific findings are used for consultations in particular for the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. Furthermore, work of the experimental station is an important part of the experimental basis for the preparation of doctoral and master theses.

The experimental station provides practical job training. At present four trainees gain qualification for the profession of a farmer.