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Institute of International Animal Health/One Health (IITG

Work group Veterinary Public Health

The Veterinary Public Health group works at the interface of human and animal health. Since human and animal health are closely linked to the environment and influenced by local socio-cultural customs and beliefs, these factors play an important role. The group's work aims to go beyond simply looking at pathogen-host interactions and to strengthen human health through a One Health approach by improving animal health, which contributes to the stabilization of health systems in the long term. Particularly the management of endemic diseases that receive less attention than the "classical" epidemics or emerging pathogens can contribute to such system strengthening. The zoonoses among the neglected tropical diseases are typical representatives of these diseases. One focus of the working group is on rabies. In collaboration with international organizations (especially WHO and WOAH) and other partners, methods for implementing and strengthening intersectoral cooperation are being developed. In addition, the work of international committees and capacity building measures in this area are supported.