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Institute of Animal Nutrition (ITE)

Working group Carry Over

​​​​Carry over means the transfer from feed into food of animal origin (milk, eggs, meat). Main tasks of the named working group are analyses of feedstuff and in particular of physiological specimens from feeding trials with livestock (for example samples of blood serum or plasma, bile, kidneys, liver, muscle, milk, eggs, urine, faeces). Currently, the main focus here is on naturally occuring adverse substances like mycotoxins. A major priority constitute the Fusarium toxins deoxynivalenol and zearalenone, but also further mycotoxins such as aflatoxin or other substance classes like pyrrolizidine alkaloids or biogenic amines are investigated.

For this, an UHPLC system with UV and fluorescence detector, as well as an LC-MS/MS-system (HPLC with a tandem mass spectrometry detector) are available for routine analyses and the development of new detection limits. Because of its advantages of being very specific and having low detection limits, this method is employed for more and more scientific issues.