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Work and Family

As Federal Research Institute for Animal Health, the FLI strives to enhance its expertise in this field continuously. This requires both, the education and targeted support of young scientists as well as an efficient and successful improvement of work-life balance at all work levels. The potential of well-educated and committed mothers and fathers should not be restrained by the demands of family life; on the other hand, it is not desirable that professional advancement is achieved at the expense of family life. 

This sometimes difficult balancing act calls for a multitude of supportive measures, some of which have already been implemented successfully at the FLI. These are e.g.:

  • flexible working arrangements,
  • the possibility to reduce work hours or telecommute in order to care for children or relatives,
  • a room for mothers with children,
  • employee relocation assistance to avoid commuter marriages/relationships,
  • financial support for young families.

In particular, the FLI aims to improve the general conditions for women striving for leadership positions. Further measures are planned to improve work-life balance.