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Institute of Farm Animal Genetics (ING)

Department of Biotechnology

Biotechnology offers many promising perspectives for economical, sustainable, diversified agricultural animal production with improved and guaranteed quality. In the foreground of this work is the development of new applications and uses for agriculturally important animals, deeper understanding of the molecular control mechanisms regulating embryo development, improvement in cloning technology and in the separation of X and Y sperm, and also the biological and molecular genetic analysis of genetic diversity. The multidisciplinary research unit working in this field integrates the most recent discoveries in the fields of embryology, reproduction, cell biology, and the broad spectrum of  molecular genetic methodology.


  • Germ cell production and culture
  • Immunological aspects of fertilization
  • Reproductive biotechnologies (in vitro production, OPU, etc.)
  • Sperm sexing
  • Molecular regulation of early embryo development
  • Reprogramming and pluripotency
  • Alternatively utilizations of transgenic animals