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Institute of Diagnostic Virology (IVD)

Laboratory for phylogenetic analyses with emphasis on influenza viruses and borna viruses

The laboratory for molecular analyses of influenza viruses cooperates closely with the WOAH and national reference laboratory for fowl plague and the laboratory for animal studies. Using a multitude of RT-PCR tests as well as sequencing, avian and porcine influenza viruses are detected, subtyped and characterized molecularly. Depending on the question to be answered, either the surface proteins haemagglutinin and neuraminidase or the complete genome are investigated. The generated data are used as basis for analyses on the molecular epidemiology of influenza A viruses n Germany and Europe. The laboratory was accredited in 2003.

Main research subjects and projects

  • RNA detection in original material and virus isolates from wild birds, poultry and pigs
  • Subtyping of avian and porcine influenza viruses by subtype-specific RT-PCR tests or sequencing
  • Molecular characterization of avian and porcine influenza viruses by amplification and sequencing of entire genes or the complete genome // phylogenetic analyses // genotyping // and analysis of amino acid sequences