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Institute of Immunology (IfI)

Laboratory for Immunogenetics

The Laboratory of Immunogenetics investigate the structure, composition and function of immune receptor gene families, in particular of the CEA gene family, to identify mechanisms that drive species-specific evolution of the immune system in farm animals. The aim of these studies is to identify key components of the immune system that will enable the development of optimized treatment and prophylaxis of infectious diseases in individual animal species.

  • Analysis of host-pathogen coevolution based on the evolution of the CEA gene family.
  • Functional relevance of CEACAM family receptors on the antiviral immune response.
  • Influence of pathogens on the physiological function of the cellular pathogen receptor.
  • Identification of pathogens that use CEACAMs as cellular receptors.
  • Influence of placentation on the molecular mechanisms of tolerance of the semi-allogenic foetus.