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Department of Experimental Animal Facilities and Biorisk

Laboratory for Pathology I

Department of Experimental Animal Facilities and Biorisk Management

Research foci and projects:

  • Studies on pathomorphology and tropism of newly diagnosed viruses in wild, domestic and farm animals after natural and experimental infection (e.g. influenza virus, SARS-CoV-2, Rustrela virus).
  • Comparative pathomorphological and immunohistological studies of laboratory and farm animals for testing of vaccine candidates and potential therapeutics 
  • Pathomorphological and immunohistological studies on the pathogenesis after infection with
  • Influenza viruses in mammalian and avian species (collaboration with work Laboratory for Avian Influenza, IMVZ and NRL for Monkeypox, IVD)
  • Avian paramyxovirus, serotype 1 (collaboration with work WOAHFAO and NRL for ND, IVD)
  • Orthobunyaviruses, Simbu serogroup (collaboration with work WOAH and NRL for BVD/MDNRL for SBV NRL for SARS-CoV-2, IVD)
  • African swine fever virus in domestic and wild pigs (collaboration with work NRL for ASFFAO and NRL for CSF, IVD)
  • Foot-and-mouth disease virus (collaboration with work NRL for FMD, SVD, VS, IVD)