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Institute of Animal Welfare and Animal Husbandry (ITT)

European Partnership Animal Health & Welfare: Assessment of perception and sentience and death in animals for slaughter – focus on pigs

Research field animal welfare-friendly stunning and killing

duration: 01.01.2024 – 31.12.2026

Funding: Co-funded by the European Union

Stunning failures during the stunning of slaughter animals cannot be completely avoided even under the best available technical conditions. Therefore, early detection of animals with maintained or recovering consciousness and sensibility is important in order to minimize pain, distress and suffering. Within the framework of this project, an automatic warning system using deep-learning-based computer vision to detect indicators for ineffective stunning (e.g. gasping, righting responses) in videos is to be developed.

Project management

Dr. Helen Schomburg
Dr. Inga Wilk
Dr. Jonas Knöll

The European Partnership on Animal Health and Welfare (EUP AH&W)