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Institute of Molecular Virology and Cell Biology (IMVZ)

Laboratory for Virus-Host Cell Interactions

Replication cycle of herpesviruses

1: Attachment
2: Fusion of viral and cellular membrane
3: Capsid release
4: Transport along microtubules (MT)
5: Docking at the nuclear pore (NP)
6: DNA-replication in the nucleus (N)
7: Capsid assembly
8: Viral DNA encapsidation
9: Budding at the inner nuclear membrane (NM)
10: Primary enveloped virion in the perinuclear space
11: Capsid release
12: Secondary envelopment at Trans-Golgi Network derived vesicles (TGN)
13: Mature virion in a transport vesicle
14: Virion release
M: Mitochondrion;
RER: Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum;
T: Tegument