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Prof. Dr. Martin H. Groschup

Head of the Institute / Laboratory Head

Foto: Prof. Dr. Martin H. Groschup

Telephone : +49 38351 7-1163
Fax : +49 38351 7-1191
Email contact

Südufer 10
17493 Greifswald - Insel Riems

Prof. Dr. med. vet.
(Chamber) Recognised Veterinarian Specialist in Microbiology 
(Chamber) Recognised Veterinarian Specialist in Virology

Participation in research projects

Vaccine to Inhibit Autochthonous Transmission of Hepatitis. Short title: VaccinATE
Role of swine and dogs in the transmission chain of ebolaviruses – TRACE
AvH Center of Excellence for Zoonotic Arbovirus Diseases (ACEZAD)
Strengthening biosecurity structures in Mauretania, Cameroon and Sierra Leone in dealing with proliferation-critical hemorrhagic fever viruses in humans and animals. Short title AA Subsahara III
Tackling Chronic Wasting Disease in Europe (TCWDE)
Integration von SARS-CoV2-Forschungsprojekten und - Preparedness (COVID19JIP – COVRIN)
Development of the natural compound silvestrol as antiviral drug candidate for hepatitis E virus and emerging RNA viruses. Short title: SILVIR
WNV prevalence and prophylaxis in mammals and mosquitoes in Germany
Studies on interactions of zoonotic pathogens in humans and animals (SHIP Next Modul One Health)
Boosting Uganda’s investments in Livestock Development. Short title: BUILD INNT
Strengthening biosecurity in dealing with proliferation-critical animal disease pathogens in Ukraine Short title: AA Ukraine III
Enzootic transmission cycles of RVF and CCHF viruses in Zambia and Mozambique. Short titel: Bunyavires
Investigations on vector competence and pathogen load of mosquitoes in Germany. Short title: CuliFo2
Joint Action SHARP - Strengthened International Health Regulations and Preparedness in the EU
EBOSURSY: Strengthening the capacity of LANAVET in viral hemorrhagic fever diagnostics, preparedness and research to OIE Standard. Twinning Cameroon
National Research Platform for Zoonoses – Office Insel Riems -
Long-term Europe-Africa Research Network on neglected arboviral zoonotic diseases (LEARN)
Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever Vaccine.Short title: CCHFVaccine
Bunya and paramoyxo virus infections at the human-animalinterface between wildlife, livestock and humans in Nigeria and Cameroon. Short title: Henri
Veterinary Biocontained facility Network for excellence in animal infectiology research and experimentation. Short title: VetBioNet
IZoonotic Anticipation and Preparedness Initiative. Short title: IMI-ZAPI