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Institute of International Animal Health/One Health (IITG

Working group Development cooperation and Disease Intelligence

The working group focuses on the topics Development Cooperation and disease intelligence.

The importance of livestock for rural communities in low- and middle-income countries is often reflected in development cooperation efforts supporting value chains related to livestock production. The working group provides advice and technical support for interventions targeting the livestock sector with a special emphasis on health and production and aiming for improved veterinary services in the target countries. The One Health concept, aiming for holistic approaches to health acknowledging the interaction between human health, animal health and environmental health, should be seen as a fundamental principle in all disciplines working in the field of infectiology. The working group assists in the planning and implementation of One Health activities at all levels from direct fieldwork to inter-institutional strategy development.

In addition, the group works on surveillance and early detection strategies for transboundary animal diseases and zoonoses with a focus on populations often neglected in surveillance schemes such as animals in small scale and backyard production. This work goes along with monitoring and analysis of disease occurrence and applied control strategies.

The transfer of scientific evidence into policy advice for partner countries forms an integral part of the work on both topics.